Transcriptomic Research around the Globe

Transcriptomic Research around the Globe

We added two new sets of charts in our charts gallery.

The first one shows the global distribution of reported transcriptomic datasets in NCBI GEO database. The number of measurements submitted by US- based researchers far exceed any other country. I do not know, whether some European researchers submit their data only to Arrayexpress (European database like GEO) creating some bias in the following chart.

The above chart is based on data up to April 2010. We expect to regularly update it with the latest data at this link.

We also investigated the yearly trends for the most active countries. You can see those trends at this link. You will find that much of the difference in numbers between USA and other countries were from the earlier years (2000-2007). Countries like Canada and China are seeing spectacular growth in transcriptomic research over the last 2-3 years.

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