Jay Shendure's Presentation at Seattle Sequencing Meetup

Jay Shendure's Presentation at Seattle Sequencing Meetup

Every month, Seattle Sequencing Meetup hosts a presentation on cutting edge developments related to next-gen sequencing. We started attending them since September and the experience had been rewarding so far. Last month, Michael Rhodes of Nanostring made a fascinating presentation - “After RNA-seq, Nanostring a tool for digital validation of hundreds of genes in many samples”. We have been familiar with Nanostring technology for the last 3-4 years, and think the technology is extremely promising.

This month’s presentation by Jay Shendure was equally exciting, because it provided glimpses on where the field is going from a someone, who is at the bleeding edge of NGS. Jay graciously shared his slides for our blog readers, and you can download them at this link. Raw data from Jay’s research can be treasure trove for someone interested in learning how NGS is being used to find clues about human Mendenlian genetic disorders. Those data sets are publicly available. From Jay:

info on accessing the data is in the papers… most through dbGap though which can be complicated.





the data for this one is not dbGap and should be accessible through SRA


When we get time, we like to discuss few topics covered by Jay in more details. In the meanwhile, enjoy this MSM video -

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