Very Funny - Hitler on IonTorrent Proton

Very Funny - Hitler on IonTorrent Proton

Credits to Lex for forwarding. With it, we finished the humor quota at this blog for rest of the year :). For serious researchers, here is a good seqanswers thread on whether to buy proton or not. Again credits go to Lex. Also, Nick Loman wrote an informative article on various components of the technology.

Current Ion Roadmap

There seems to be a little confusion as to what is available now. Here is the roadmap I figured out based on the announcements today:

September 2012 Ion Proton ships to first customers

end 2012 400 base kit available for PGM

March 2013 PII chip available (assuming 6 months from September 2012)

Mid-2013 Ion Chef launches (for PGM and Proton)

March 2014 Avalanche and PIII chip available (assuming 18 months from September 2012)

If you like really serious staff from the company itself, please follow the videos below -

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