Illumina Creates Phony Concerns to Derail BGI Acquisition of US Company

Illumina Creates Phony Concerns to Derail BGI Acquisition of US Company

Hide your wallet or run away, when a large and publicly traded US company shows concern about ‘terrorism’ and ‘national security’. Borderline psychopaths running these multinationals have very little respect for the lives lost in 9/11, and are ready to use public’s concerns about the horrific incidence to manipulate their opinions.

Few months back, we reported about BGI’s decision to acquire Complete Genomics. Seems like Illumina is not very happy and is pulling levers in Washington with mentions of terrorism and national security to stop the deal. George Church explained, why Illumina’s claims are bogus and self-serving -

A technical adviser to both Complete Genomics and BGI Shenzhen who supports the transaction suggested that raising the specter of terrorism and exploiting the national appetite for China-bashing is a cover for Illuminas real motive to buy Complete and achieve market domination for itself.

They want to destabilize this field, said genetics pioneer George Church, director of the Center on Bioenergy at Harvard & MIT and the National Institutes of Healths Center of Excellence in Genomic Science at Harvard. They do not want that kind of competition. If I were Illumina, I might do the same thing. But this is a beautiful illustration of why our politicians and CEOs should be a lot more educated about technology.

The pattern of China bashing has become a hallmark of US media. Even though Vioxx took away the lives of many more Americans than Melanine in children’s toys, the second story was given far more importance than far more severe issue with toxic drugs. So, we are not too hopeful that “our politicians and CEOs will get lot more educated about technology” and start to show sense. Democracy does not work that way.

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