NabSys Unveiled  (Omics! Omics! Blog)

NabSys Unveiled (Omics! Omics! Blog)

For some ‘unknown’ reason, when we first saw the picture of an instrument in Omics! Omics! blog on Friday, we thought it was a practical joke on another sequencing company bearing the name of a revered British university. We tried hard to uncover the hidden sarcastic ‘tone’ in his two long commentaries starting with this paragraph.

A complaint which seems to be circulating on Twitter and elsewhere is that this years AGBT conference on Marco Island next week doesnt look like it will have any excitement around new platforms. AGBT has been a traditional coming out party for platforms. Last year it was Oxford Nanopore which created a huge buzz, and in previous years that crown has been held by Ion Torrent, Pacific Biosciences, Complete Genomics and others (including a few which seem to have gone kaput).

After wrongly interpreting two and a half paragraphs, we realized that Keith was talking about a real instrument going into beta test soon. For the time being, primary goal of Nabsys’ instrument is to do Positional Sequencing, which really means precisely measuring the distance between predictable landmarks on DNA.” For more details, please take a look at two excellent commentaries from Omics! Omics! blog.

AGBT Preview: Nabsys

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