BGI Launched Its Desktop Sequencer BGISEQ-500 in China

BGI Launched Its Desktop Sequencer BGISEQ-500 in China

Previously in “Peak Sequencing? BGI Unveils Nation-scale Sequencer”, we reported about BGI’s plans to bring new ‘nation-scale’ sequencing instrument in the market. It looks like BGI is also taking care of the other side. At a recent conference, they launched desktop sequencer based on the technology of Complete Genomics that they bought at bankruptcy fire-sale a few years back.

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October 24, 2015, Shenzhen, China– BGI, the worlds largest genomics organization, launched its desktop sequencer BGISEQ-500 at the 10th International Conference on Genomics (ICG-10). It is the second sequencing system launched by BGI after the supersequencer Revolocity system.

BGISEQ-500 is an integrated desktop sequencing solution with advantages in accuracy, simplicity, speed, flexibility, and affordable. The accuracy rate of this new sequencer is 99.99% based on the Complete Genomicss core technology. BGISEQ-500 achieves the international standard of excellence for sequencing and meets the demands of clinical application. It integrates the automate sample preparation, the sequencing process, and data analysis, enabling various applications on one-touch operation. Moreover, the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and barcode scanning allow for automated sample and reagent tracking and management with a simple touch screen operation system. Equipped with the built-in automatic analysis software, the entire processing time from sample to final result can be finished within 24 hours.

BGISEQ-500 can process two chips, FCL and FCS, in a single run. It can achieve 16 sequencing modes with output ranging from 8Gb to 200Gb, addressing different sequencing demands, thus save the burden to acquire different systems for different level of throughput. The launch presented the real data generated by BGISEQ-500 on whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, genotyping, and RNA quantification etc. Its applications in non-invasive prenatal test, monogenetic diseases and cancer gene testing were also demonstrated in this launch. BGISEQ-500 is proven with the power to produce the most accurate data with consistent performance in comparison with other systems. It would make the genome sequencing more affordable and accessible for all users.

Anyone knows the cost of this instrument?

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