Cross-post: The prestige of “Jewish Genome” papers

Cross-post: The prestige of “Jewish Genome” papers

When, in early 2013, we covered Eran Elhaik’s paper on the origin of European Jewish population, he was treated everywhere like a pariah. Haldane’s Sieve blog, which supposedly posts all interesting pop-gen preprints from arxiv, completely ignored his paper. Yet, as it turned out over the last 18 months, Elhaik’s paper became the second most well-read among all papers published in Genome Biology and Evolution, even surpassing “On the immortality of television sets: function in the human genome according to the evolution-free gospel of ENCODE”. Links from our previous blog posts covering Elhaik’s research are given below.

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In his blog, Elhaik has written a critic of a new Jewish Genome paper, which we are cross-posting below.


Cross-post: The prestige of Jewish Genome papers

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