I have a (bioinformatics) dream

I have a (bioinformatics) dream

…..saw the following message somewhere. Was it a dream?

Are you a biologist overwhelmed with too many open-source NGS programs? Do you often give up at the installation stage, or even worse, by reading the “How to Install” section of the instruction manual? This manual and its associated training modules are developed to take your fear of bioinformatics away and to help you build confidence.

We cover a small but powerful subset of all available open-source bioinformatics tools. The set of programs included here not only solves a large spectrum of problems, but they are the most well-maintained. They should be the best starting point for venturing into a wider spectrum of applications.

Now here is the better part. You do not have to spend hours in installing them to learn how to use those programs. Just get an account at our Amazing Cloud server, and we will have all programs installed for you.

Finally, here is the best part. If you want to run the same programs in your own server, we make that easy. You need to simply download a file with the linux image of the same programs in your server, and start execution of that image. Voila !! You have all programs you need installed in your server in exactly two minutes (or however long the download takes place).

Upgrading is equally easy. Simply download the new image to replace the old image. In fact, you can even have both the upgraded version and the old version running in your server, if need to compare results.

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