Python Sandbox and Other Helpful Resources for Biology/Bioinformatics

Python Sandbox and Other Helpful Resources for Biology/Bioinformatics

A student in our online class on bioinformatics mentioned that she would have to learn Python/R/linux within a month to be allowed to work at her research lab. This is the new reality in biology. Almost every researcher I know is collecting massive amounts NGS data, whereas the skills to make sense of data are in dire need.

If you are in the same boat as the mentioned student, you will find our upcoming tutorial helpful. It covers several computer-related concepts (linux, git, Python/Biopython, R/Bioconductor) at a simple level so that those without prior coding experience can learn.

As a starter, please check our Python sandbox website. By clicking on the “example” links, you will be directed to the sandbox, where you can run Python code directly. That way you can start learning Python concepts without the hassle of installation.

I have a number of other helpful resources that I mentioned on twitter, but they are worth repeating here. They are useful for everyone from the beginners to the experts.

Those Biopython and Bioconductor documentations are beautiful. If you type part of the name of a function in the search window, autofill pulls up the entire name.

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