I Want to Try a Publishing Experiment

I Want to Try a Publishing Experiment

Four years back, I made a discovery that I believe was my best work in science so far. However, it was based on an oddball idea and I was not enamored by the efforts of trying to convince DW editors of regular journals about its merits.

I would like to solely use the ncRNA section of our blog and arxiv.org to ‘publish’ it. No part of it will ever be sent to a traditional journal. I am interested to see, how this oddball way of publishing works with my oddball idea !!

Once again, I am not making a hyperbole in saying that it is my best work in science so far. I truly believe in what I said. ‘Best’ means I perceive this work to be better than anything else I did previously in my long academic career. To compare, I was a participant of Indian Maths Olympiad team in Braunschweig. Then I joined the Electronics department of Indian Institute of Technology, foremost engineering college in India, and left with the highest rank in my class. I got bored with engineering by the time I reached post-graduate program at Purdue. So, I learned quantum mechanics on my own and published a paper in Physical Review, the best physics journal, and my paper received over 450 citations so far. I started working on biology in 2001 (again learned on my own without attending a single class) and published many papers in Science, Nature, PNAS and other journals. I even predicted the financial crisis in 2005 in these two articles (here and here). Those two articles are worth reading, because the real crisis predicted there has not happened yet.

Getting back to our original discussion, I believe the results I will post are bigger discoveries than all of the above. So, in the traditional sense of bio community I will be ‘giving them away’, while I could get a real publication added to my bio.

Here is the game plan. I will be using this blog to discuss algorithms on next-gen sequencing and use the ncRNA section to disclose this oddball discovery in steps. When I post something there, I will also give you a heads-up here. That way, most of you, who come here to learn about next-gen techniques will be able to focus on NGS.

Please let me know from time to time, what you think.

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