Oddball - Part 1: General Format of Our Presentation

Oddball - Part 1: General Format of Our Presentation

I realize that my earlier remarks built too much expectation that I may not live up to, but words once spoken cannot be taken back. That makes my job twice as hard as otherwise, but why not give it a try?

The results will be presented in the following manner. Each post of this series will be clearly marked ‘Oddball - part X’ in the title so that you do not confuse them with lincRNA-related commentaries. In the first few posts, we shall discuss some statistical data that may appear mundane at first, but they will provide necessary background for subsequent results or discussion. Please bear with me if things appear too obvious or pointless. Also, at times I may have to split the ‘results’ and ‘discussion’ into two separate commentaries.

We shall try our best to highlight what is publicly known or discovered by other researchers to the best of our knowledge. However, sometimes we may have to defer to the end of the commentary for discussing others’ contribution so that the flow is not lost. Be assured, no attempt is being made to hijack discoveries of other researchers. If we miss something or someone, please feel free to add in the comment section.

Another important note - everything we discuss here is based on computational analysis only. Moreover, there will be no reporting of new lincRNA or class of lincRNAs. We are using lincRNA section merely to keep all materials in the same place, and away from the NGS blog.

In the next commentary of this series, we shall discuss Part 2- When a City is Carpet bombed, Only the Strongest Structures Survive.

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