The Report of our Death was an Exaggeration

The Report of our Death was an Exaggeration

It is true that we were diagnosed with a debilitating disease that did not allow us to write, but we managed to recover. For those interested, the name of this disease is procrastination.

Here is what is going on. We have over 50 commentaries by now, and typos, grammatical errors and other minor errors in codes accrued over time. So, we decided to not write another commentary until we were able to proofread the old ones and fix errors. On the other hand, proofreading comes to us at minus 12 in a scale of 1 to 10 for interesting things to do. So, we procrastinated, and procrastinated until we managed to shake us off of the resolution of not to write another commentary until doing the proofreading :)

Our regular posting will resume from tonight. In the first order of business, we plan to finish topics that were left hanging halfway. We also have some cool new materials that you all will find interesting.

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