PLOS One Wins 16-1 against Nature, Science, GigaScience or BioMed Central

PLOS One Wins 16-1 against Nature, Science, GigaScience or BioMed Central

PLOS One uses not one, or two or three, but SIXTEEN google analytics IDs to give out your private information to google and then the spy agencies.

Here is the relevant code -

var plosGApropId=new Array();plosGApropId["biology-"]="UA-36675610-2";plosGApropId["compbiol-"]="UA-36675610-3";plosGApropId["genetics-"]="UA-36675610-4";plosGApropId["medicine-"]="UA-36675610-5";plosGApropId["ntds-"]="UA-36675610-6";plosGApropId["pathogens-"]="UA-36675610-7";plosGApropId["one-"]="UA-36675610-1";plosGApropId["one-taurus.plosjournals. org"]="UA-36675108-8";plosGApropId[""]="UA-36675108-2";plos GApropId[""]="UA-36675108-3";plosGApropId["www.plosgenetic"]="UA-36675108-4";plosGApropId[""]="UA-36675108-5";p losGApropId[""]="UA-36675108-6";plosGApropId["www.plospathogen"]="UA-36675108-7";plosGApropId[""]="UA-36675108-1";plosGA propId[""]="UA-36675108-8";

Nature uses only one - UA-4425035-1 and so does science - UA-189672-10. BGI’s GigaScience ( UA-9618938-10) and BioMed Central (UA-72326-1) are no exceptions.

Next time Jonathan Eisen lectures you about how noble open source journals like PLOS are, would anyone remind him that being spied upon by NSA is not cool? Why should journals like PLOS, Science and Nature give out information about what you are reading in the journal and which pages your are visiting to untrustworthy outside organizations? Don’t we expect more respect from these journals?

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