BMJ Criticizes

BMJ Criticizes "Sir" Jeremy Farrar in Scathing Articles

Lately “Sir” Jeremy Farrar, the disgraced director of Wellcome Trust, is not having a good time. In a pair of scathing articles (here and here), British medical journal BMJ criticized his efforts of covering up the origin of the covid virus. If similar articles were posted merely two months back by “fringe” bioinformatics sites like ours, they would be discredited as “conspiracy theories” and blocked by the Silicon valley giants. Given that UK’s oldest medical journal wrote on this topic in its editorial, the wind must be blowing in a different direction.

This change of wind direction is a big problem for Farrar and his minions in the Covid Coverup Party we previously wrote about. It also explains their panicked move of submitting preprints to lowly sites like zenodo, when they could easily access The Lancet and Nature. Ultimately, this situation will resolve in one of the two ways - (i) the conspirators will all get fired from their respective jobs, (ii) the reputation of British medical science will be permanently damaged.

A big reason for the reputation of British (and American) medical sciences to get a black eye is discussed in the BMJ articles, where they disclosed a key reason for the coverup to be countering Donald Trump. Most scientifically illeterate people can clearly see biological science as what it has become (political hack job), while the biologists continue to scream “trust the science” at the top of their lungs. How they ultimately sort out that lack of public trust remains to be seen, but I am not too hopeful based on my private interactions with various NIH-funded biologists and their British counterparts.

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