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Dan Graur's Excellent Book Sold Only One Copy so Far

Campbell Biology is a Horrendously Expensive Worthless Book


Weird Patterns in Japanese Genome Evolution Explained by Garbage-in Garbage-out Effect

Puzzling observations from various eukaryotic genomes (part III)

How do the eukaryotic genomes evolve? (part II)

How do the eukaryotic genomes evolve? (part I)

Molecular and Genome Evolution by Dan Graur

The Diversity of REcent and Ancient huMan (DREAM)

Population Genetics of Ancient Jewish Population in India

Transistors, Translation and tRNAs

Organoids and the Coming Medical Revolution - (ii)

Transfer RNAs and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Organoids and the Coming Medical Revolution - (i)

Comments on Our New Paper - "Sequence Analysis and Comparative Study of the Protein Subunits of Archaeal RNase P"

Quasi-essential genes supporting yet undiscovered functions for life?

Formin Is Associated with Left-Right Asymmetry in the Pond Snail and the Frog

New Paper by Elhaik Shows that Ashkenazi Jews Came from Northeastern Turkey

Zika Oxitech Connection Can be Explained without Resorting to 'Conspiracies'

Rubbish DNA: The functionless fraction of the human genome

Solute Carrier Proteins and Their Therapeutic Implication

Wobble Modification and Human Diseases (3 old links)

Agmatidine in Archael tRNA

Was July 20 a Turning Point for Stock Markets?

Casey Dunn Reviews 'The Evolution of Animal Genomes'

The evolution of animal genomes - Review by Casey Dunn

Eric H. Davidson (1937 - 2015)

"There is a Black Hole in the Middle of Evolutionary Biology"

Nick Lane's "The Vital Question: Energy, Evolution, and the Origins of Complex Life"

How Much of Evolution is Influenced by Extinction?

Evolutionary Biologists to Follow - Sally Leys and Casey Dunn

An Email Interview with Evolutionary Developmental Biologists Isabelle Peter and Eric Davidson

The Chastity of Amoebae: Re-evaluating Evidence for Sex in Amoeboid Organisms

Intelligence of Slime Mold

The Evolution of the Cilium and the Eukaryotic Cell (Twelve Fundamental Problems for Bioinformatics)

Where Does the Genetic Code Come From? (Twelve Fundamental Problems for Bioinformatics)

Thymic Involution - an Evolutionary Mystery

Structural and functional features of central nervous system lymphatic vessels

Proper Role of Bioinformatics in Biology

RNA regulons in Hox 5′ UTRs confer ribosome specificity to gene regulation

Practical Olefin Hydroamination with Nitroarenes

On The Origin of Phyla - Interview with Valentine

How Do Fish Hear?

Evolving gene regulatory networks into cellular networks guiding adaptive behavior, an outline how single cells could have evolved into a centralized neurosensory system

REVIEW - Organogenesis in a dish, Modeling development and disease using organoid technologies

On The Evolution of Noggin Gene

Notch Signaling - Where Did it Come from? (four papers)

Genetic Diversity and Evolutionary Dynamics of Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone

Using Humans as a Model Organism - Sydney Brenner

Origins of major archaeal clades correspond to gene acquisitions from bacteria

Eukaryogenesis, How Special Really?

Today's thought-provoking paper - Evolution evolves: physiology returns to centre stage

The Hidden Biology of Sponges and Ctenophores

Supergenes and Complex Phenotypes

T4 phages against Escherichia coli diarrhea: Potential and problems

Report from Asia - Multidrug Resistance and Phage Therapy

Quality-Controlled Small-Scale Production of a Well- Defined Bacteriophage Cocktail for Use in Human Clinical Trials

Phage Therapy - Reviews

Origins and evolution of viruses of eukaryotes: The ultimate modularity

Experimental Phage Therapy on Multiple Drug Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection in Mice

Experimental phage therapy of burn wound infection: difficult first steps

Comparative genomic analysis of evolutionarily conserved but functionally uncharacterized membrane proteins in archaea, Prediction of novel components of secretion, membrane remodeling and glycosylation systems.

Stalin's Forgotten Cure

Phage Therapy

Evolution of Liver and Kidney

Junk DNA Debate - T. Ryan Gregory versus Francis Collins

Evolution of Adaptive Immune System - Two Papers we are Reading Today

Perspectives on rare diseases - from a patient and a researcher

Adaptive Immunity - Connecting Evolutionary Dots from Bacteria to Mammals

The Conspiracy of Epigenome?

Vitamin A and Lung Regeneration

The Evolution of Lungs

Only three driver gene mutations are required for the development of lung and colorectal cancers

Chordate Evolution and the Three-phylum System

A Nutrient-Driven tRNA Modification Alters Translational Fidelity and Genome-wide Protein Coding across an Animal Genus

Origins and Evolution of the Formin Multigene Family That Is Involved in the Formation of Actin Filaments

Origin of the cell nucleus, mitosis and sex: roles of intracellular coevolution

On the Origin of Cilia

Myosin domain evolution and the primary divergence of eukaryotes

Early evolution without a tree of life

A new fusion hypothesis for the origin of Eukarya, better than previous ones, but probably also wrong

On the Origin of Cells and Viruses: Primordial Virus World Scenario

Biological Complexity

Evolution before Genes - Two Review Papers

Koonin: The Origin and Early Evolution of Eukaryotes in the Light of Phylogenomics

Why are Bacteria Different from Eukaryotes?

Why are Bacteria Different from Eukaryotes? - (ii)

The Histology of a Siphonophore - Nanomia bijuga

Personalized Cancer Screening Will Lead to Many False Diagnosis of Blood Cancer

Alternative meiotic chromatid segregation in the holocentric plant Luzula elegans

Evolution of my Little Pet Dinosaur

'Epigenetics' Explained, in the Context of Descendants of Holocaust and Slavery Victims

A Textbook-free 'Introduction to Biological Anthropology'

A single female-specific piRNA is the primary determiner of sex in the silkworm

Highly Efficient Transformation of Diatom

Type I, II and III CRISPR/cas Systems

CRISPR-Cas: evolution of an RNA-based adaptive immunity system in prokaryotes

Reporting on the Northwest Developmental Biology Conference - (1)

Two Good Pictures to Show Evolution

No Genomic Evidence of Khazar Origin for the Ashkenazi Jews?

Evomics Conference and a Paper by Carl Woese

Nick Brown on Disrupting Science of Happiness Lady

Evolution versus 'Intelligent Design' - a Beautiful Case Study on Fire Ants

'Baffling' New Hominim Found in Sima de los Huesos, Spain

Our Chemistry Blog Covers Stapled Peptides

Using Stapled Peptides to Target 'Undruggable' Proteins

New Paper Debunks Junk Science of Jewish Origin by Behar and Ostrer

The GenoChip: A New Tool for Genetic Anthropology

'Zombies' of the Ocean

Cancer, Stroke and Diabetes in USA - Environment versus Genetics

Biology of Vampires

Inserting XIST ncRNA on Human Chromosome 21

Why Don't Transcription Factors Get Lost in Huge DNA Maze?

The Xist lncRNA Exploits Three-Dimensional Genome Architecture to Spread Across the X Chromosome

Shocking Finding that a Genome by Itself Provides Little Insight

Human Embryonic Stem Cells Derived by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer

Legs of Snakes and Religion of Biologists

A Few Useful Links on Khazar History for Population Biologists

Carnivorous Bladderwort Plant Genome Shows Some Designers are More Intelligent than Others

How Sponges will Take over the World

Is 'Systems Biology' a Paradigm Shift?

Vista Genome Browser from Inna Dubchak's Group

First Issue of Nature

Personalized Medicine and BRCA Case Study

Is New Life Form Found Under Antarctic Ice?

Theodosius Dobzhansky

Sixth Sense in Vertebrates

Vaccination, Antibiotics and Genomic Medicine

SNP Map of Human Population of 'Entire World' Published

What is Life?

Severe Abnormalities Found in Fukushima Butterflies

All About miRNAs

More on the World of Biological Databases

Part 3 - GC Distribution of Genomes (Casual)

Part 2 - When a City is Carpet bombed, Only the Strongest Structures Survive

Oddball - Part 1: General Format of Our Presentation

I Want to Try a Publishing Experiment