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The Best of 2021

Devastating Impact of Climate Change Around the World

A Disturbing Rise in Heart Attacks Explained

NIH Director Francis Collins Plans to Change Name to Avoid Scandal

Oxford Nanopore IPO Takes Place on the Same Day UK Runs out of Petrol

Biologists Want Any Criticism of Them Legally Labeled as "Hate Crime"

BMJ Criticizes "Sir" Jeremy Farrar in Scathing Articles

Biorxiv Fails Spectacularly as a Preprint Server

Tryst between Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein

Trouble in the Software Crowdsourcing Paradise

When Will Citing Blog Posts be a Norm in Bioinformatics Publishing?

Will Companies Like Oxford Nanopore be at the Epicenter of the Next Financial Crisis?

A Decision Point Arrives for Oxford Nanopore

A Generation Lost in the Bazaar

Is '23 and Me' Misleading its Jewish Customers on Ancestry?

Time to Shrink the National Institute of Health (NIH)?

Is Google Tweaking Search Results to Block Our Posts Critical of NIH Director?

Gullible's Troubles

Upgrade to the blog

Suicide Epidemic: Since NIH-funded Clowns Do Not Want to Discuss It, We Will

Was Google Really Censoring Elhaik's Khazar Research in 2013?

The Wall Will be Built and Mexico Will Pay for It

Epigenetics Debacle - Do You Feel Sad for Sid Mukherjee?

Geopolitics - Several New Developments Will Define the World in the Coming

Freedom of Speech

Peak Sequencing and 'Moore's Law' Deception

Someone Asked Francis Collins about the Retraction Boom. Here is What he Did

Experts Puzzled about Massive Increase in Suicide among Americans. Here is What our Non-expert Thinks

UC Berkeley Needs at Least 18% Layoffs Soon to Survive

When Venter Goes IPO

Higher Education Is Morally & Financially Bankrupt

Retweets and Social Media Impressions Do Not Mean Truth

Clinton Emails Reveal Google Played Active Role in Trying to Overthrow Syrian Government

Nate Silver has Peaked, and that’s a Good Thing

PLoS One Publishes Creationist Paper from Four Chinese Authors

Addiction Valley

UC Berkeley Plans to Dissolve Chemistry Department

The Lifecycle of Bureaucracy and Coming Implosion of UC Berkeley

'Sci-hub is Breaking Laws' - Argues Chemistry Blogger, Who Himself is Breaking Laws !

Is this the Future of Cloud-connected Hospitals Delivering 'Precision Medicine'?

Peter Visscher Predicts Future, Makes a Fool of Himself

Is NCBI Getting Sold to Private Companies?

The Virus Spreading in Europe

Future of Science is Being Decided in Aleppo, Syria

UC Berkeley is Running out of Money. Here is What They Plan to Do

ENCODE Scholar Resigns from UChicago after Sex Scandal

Please Sign up for our Membership Section

USA's Second John Brown Moment Arrives

Changing Face of the Publishing World

Kary Mullis - Celebrating the Scientific Experiment

Merry Christmas

"Years since I Left Academia Have Been the Happiest of my Life" - Fred Ross

"If You Learn from MOOC, You Are an Evil Person" - Science

Humor - Dilbert Joins ENCODE 'Precision Medicine' Project

Environmental Destruction, 'Green Energy' Scams and Nature-like Technologies

“Into the Sciences” – Frederick J. Ross

Turkey and Thanksgiving

Matthew Cunningham-Cook: How the TPP Will Create a Medical Privacy Hellscape

Friday Humor

Discovering Russia and Russians through the Eyes of an Ex-US Military Analyst

A Different Vision from 'Singularity'

Does Gangolf Jobb's Treefinder Program Have Any "Value"?

Springer Ups Ante in its Anti-Russia Battle by Retracting Treefinder Paper

Refugee Crisis - a Vivid Description of What is Currently Going on in Europe

First Human Bioinformatician Criticizes Bad Science of NIH-funded Bigshots,

Condensed Matter Physicist Leo Kadanoff Passes Away

Researchers Dig into US Mortality Data, Discover Disturbing Trends

"Russian Government is Beheading Scientists in Red Square" - Nature Reports

Are Geneticists Qualified to Talk about GMOs?

PLoS Biology in Hot Water Over GMO Scandal

TPP Intellectual Property Chapter is “A Disaster for Global Health”

'Cut Down NIH Funding by Half' - Argues Ex-employee in Science Journal

NHGRI's Epigenetics Investments Starting to Pay Off

Interview with Gangolf Jobb, the Author of Treefinder

Discovery that Neutrinos Have Mass Gets Nobel Prize in Physics

Only the French Speaking World Cares about Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize for Diseases of Poor People

Farmer-managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) in Sahel

Lior Pachter Snubbed for Asking Relevant Questions on a Paper

MOOCs Are Actually Books

International Maths Olympiad - 2015

Twitter Justice versus Due Process - Tim Hunt's Case

Publishing Madness - Book Review Costs A Whole Lot More than the Book

UCSC's David Haussler Wins Award through Deceptive Claims, Gene Myers Loses

There Will be no Grexit and Here Are the Consequences

Scientists Are Seeking Refund from OPERA-LG Authors :)

After Nanopore Sequencing Comes Quantum Pore Sequencing

Central Planner Ron Germain Reinvents Round Wheel Introduces Video Interview Series with Respected Scientists

Nature Promotes Cancer Cell Line Factory Proposed by Broadsters Boehm and Golub

To Maintain Integrity of Science, Kellis and Birney Should be Investigated

Breakdown of Trust

YOAVGILAD Consortium on Results Published by ENCODE and GTEx

Twitter Conversations (or Lack Thereof) between ENCODE/GTEx and Yoav Gilad

Seventy Years Since the End of WWII

GATK Battle - 2015 Edition

Someone Please Take Titus Brown for a Drink

How Much Will the Americans Suffer, If NIH Shuts Down?

Is the Bioinformatics Journal Unfairly Overcharging Researchers?

Guangzhou Researcher Debunks 'Duon' Discovery of Stamatoyannopoulos Reports from Asia - 'Will Hong Kong be the Bioinformatics Capital

Report from Asia - Will Asia 'Unfollow' NIH's Failed Research Model? Reports from Asia – 'Calcutta - a New Beginning?' Reports from Asia - 'Bangkok - a Wild Ride'

Outrageous Prediction 2015 - USA Will Start to See Exodus of Russian Scientists

The Future of Work and Asynchronous Teams

2014 - the Hottest Year on Record

Francis Collins is Out Again with 'New' Ideas on How to Waste Other People's

An Evolutionary Classification of Genomics Researchers

Greeks Are Free and They Are Running Away to Russia

PLoS Will Not Require Bank Statements to Let Researchers Publish

Isn't Serious discussion Needed before Throwing Money into Million Genome Sequencing Projects?

Horror !! NIH is Now Funding Loving Kindness Meditation of Positivity Lady through Multi-year Grant

Francis Collins Admits NIH Under Him Has Been Failing

Obama Plans to Cure Polio, Diabetes and [name any disease] through Personalized

The Genome Institute and Its Role - Ken Weiss

Poor People Need to Provide Bank Statements to Publish in PLoS

Let's Discuss - Is it Time to Shut Down NHGRI?

Ex-student of George Church Invents Genome Assembly from Short Reads !!

A Good Day to Value Freedom of Speech

UK Plans to Piss Away a Lot of Money on Genomics Misadventure

Most lncRNAs are Junk and lncRNA Papers are Hype

Forecasts Made Ten Years Back

Dear "Bright and Insatiably Curious" 23andMe Customer, Did you Get "Grubered" by George Church?

Happy New Year and a New Direction

Today s Rainbow Chasing Paper by ENCODE Leader-in-Exile Ewan Birney

Alternative Splicing - the New Snake Oil to Explain 'Human Complexity'

An Incredibly Tragic Event at UK's Imperial Colllege

Dan Graur elected as AAAS Fellow, Birney/Gerstein Quietly Drop Out of ENCODE

Evolution, not Hadoop, is the Biggest Missing Block in Bioinformatics

Finally Some Honest Reporting of GWAS for a Change

Nature Promotes GWAS Madness to Study 'Mental Health'

Bizarro Details Coming out on 'Nanopore Sequencing by Divine Intervention'

The GWAS Era is Over - Declares Jay Shendure

Tragedy of the Day - New 'Revealing' Human Transcriptome Paper at Biorxiv

Renowned Human Geneticist Michael Hammer Shamed, Joe Pickrell Continues to Support Bad Science

Adam Smith and Theory of Evolution

Insane Decision of the Day - Broad Institute Gets $650M to Cure Insanity !!

Science after Government Money Disappears

Google's 'Censorship Engine' Makes Guardian Articles Disappear

Europeans Scientists Threaten to Boycott Europe's ENCODE Project

How Google Manipulates Its Search Results

Did CIA's Fake Polio Vaccination Drive Result in Global Resurgence of an Eradicated Disease?

Can Algebraic Geometry Contribute to Condensed Matter Physics?

ENCODE Conflict of Interest - Personalis, Genapsys, Illumina?

The Slow Death of Purposeless Research

America's Class Hierarchy and the Rise of 'Mobile Creatives'

How to Enhance Career by Publishing in Open-access Journal

Debunking ENCODE's Latest Propaganda Piece Para by Para

Who Deserves the ENCODE Nobel Prize? Ans. Ron Davis

Journal Impact (Visibility) Factor

How Dan Graur's History of DNA Ended

Is It Time to Get the ENCODE Paper Retracted?

Splitting Our Blog into Different Subsections

For Today's Comic Relief

Major Shakeup Coming for Biotech Companies?

Incredibly Powerful Speech from Brenner, but Ewan Birney Disagrees

Alarming - Is Nature using Legalese to Dupe Scientists?

Arxiv and BioRxiv Fans - Please Help

Feynman on Science vs Advertising (for New Generation of ENCODE-inspired 'Scientists')

Sydney Brenner's "Lawsuit against Editors and Publishers of Nascence"

Science Launches New PLOS One-like Journal 'Science Advances'

'Network Nonsense' at Lior Pachter's Blog Escalates

The 'Horror' that Awaits You, if You Quit Bioinformatics (or Academia)

Scientists Predict Longer, Harsher Winter

Revisiting Fred's Viral "A Farewell to Bioinformatics" One Year Later

The 'Right Way' and the 'Wrong Way' to Criticize Science

Small Science and Big Science

Vindicated by Victory over Nature, Eisen Brothers Pick a New Enemy - BGI

Sunday Funnies and Not-so-funnies

Dan Graur's Latest Bombshell and Implications for Jewish Genetics

Global Warming, Scripted Media and the Havoc Caused by Comment Section

Seven Major Trend Changes of 2013 - (v) Era of Contention Begins

Seven Major Trend Changes of 2013 - (i) Sequencing Technology

The Most Important Talk of the Year

Cancer: Story of a Real Patient

Finally a Good Idea from Francis Collins

Antifragile - N. N. Taleb's Talk Blog Congratulates ENCODE's Stamatoyannopoulos for Rediscovering

A Series of Good Ideas

Nicolas Bourbaki and M. Lothaire - Two Prolific Mathematicians

Where Will Next Generation of Scientists (NGS) Come From?

The Tragedy of Centrally Funded Research

Science Nobel Laureates Mock E-conmen on Stage of Award Ceremony

Who Should Go Away - FDA or 23andMe?

Oh No !! Indians Are Suing Retraction Watch to Get Articles on Anil Potti Removed

How Basic Math Limits Scientific Discoveries

10th Anniversary of Berlin Declaration on Open Access

How We Came to Know Dan Graur

TPP: One More Attempt to End Internet Freedom after Failed SOPA/PIPA

What if Angelina Jolie Were Simply Wrong

Sun is the Weakest in 200 Years

Friday Humor - Genome Scientists Compared to Twitter Leaders

Dude Gets Nobel Prize, Writes Blog Post Defending His Field as Science !!!

The Unraveling of 'We Do not Trust Chinese' Business Model

A Few Useful Terms

Fractals and Scale-free Networks

Weekend Humor

NCBI Runs out of Money and Starts a New Service

Two More #ENCODE Heretics Came Out

Human Transcriptome is Extremely Complex and Snyderome is the Most Complex

US Science Funding - Proposal for a Better Alternative (Part II)

US Science Funding - Proposal for a Better Alternative

Physics Nobel Prize - Big Slap for Big Science?

Global Warming Update: Here is Halloween and Boo !!!

Cool Blog: Gas Station Without Pumps

A Silver Lining in Mozilla's Plan to Review 'Scientific Code'

Human Tragedy, Unsustainability and Alternative to a Failing System

Sequence Your Narcissome with 23 and Me

(As We Predicted Six Months Back), BGI Plans IPO

Functions, Variants, Traits and Diseases - Three Interesting Commentaries (#GWAS)

Metagenomics - the Ticket is Expensive, but is the Train Going Anywhere?

A Challenge to Mike Eisen - Please Help Researchers Get Ostrer's Data

"Genome Patent Fights Erupts"

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Today's Dinosaur Stories

Skyrocketing Cost of Publication

Enlightenment, Technology and the Rise of Democracy

Ted Talk by Ben Goldacre on Manipulation of Clinical Trials

A Rabbi, a Priest, and a Minister Walk Into a Bar - part II

All About Federal Funding for Research

OMICS Publishing Group - An Indian Open Access Scam?

Oh So Scary !! Sequestration Starts a Dark Age for Science :)

Sites Closing........

Single Author Bioinformatics Paper - 'I' or 'We'?

Sending Programmer to Jail for Sharing Open-source Code?

Tragedy of the Day: PNAS Got Duped by Positivity Lady !!

Large Jump in PacBio Stock Price

Russia - Best Assembler, Best French Actor and now Freest Country !!

Perverse Incentive: Why Universities Love Constructing New Buildings

Journal that Sells by Hype Tells Scientists not to Hype their Work

Hilarious Turn in Fight against Global Warming, Thanks to Hard-working Chinese

Another Reason GPL is a Bad License

Battle over #GWAS: Ken Weiss Edition

Dr. John Stamatoyannopoulos Receives UW Alumni Early Achievement Award (2013)

Blogger Power: Bloggers Expose Japanese Data Tampering in Clinical Trial

To Do (PhD in Bioinformatics) or Not To Do? - Six Months Later

Henry Bourne's Five Axioms for Mediocracy and Disaster

True Cost of Publishing in Various Journals

Open Access: Can Humans Survive on Planet Earth?

"Nothing is so Alien to the Human Mind as the Idea of Randomness"

Science and Religion - the Battle over the 'Time' Axis

Our Readers Moved from Google Reader to.....

Opinion: ‘Big science’, big hype, big mistake

Mathematical Olympiad in China Problems and Solutions

Richard Durbin at International Maths Olympiad

Global Warming Research: Where is Dan Graur, When We Need Him?

Google and Bing Usage by Bioinformaticians

Forget Gene Patents. Co-founder of 23andMe Patents Personalized Genomics

Physicist Ken Wilson Passes Away

Government is the Mother of All Invention

Web Software Section is Open

DORA Pledge - YASI from Government-funded Scientists

Metagenome Biologist Titus Brown Offers New Course on Internet Realities

Why Avoids Google Analytics, OpenID and Other 'Cool' Silicon Valley

PLOS One Wins 16-1 against Nature, Science, GigaScience or BioMed Central

Blogs Are Dangerous - says Geoffrey North of Current Biology

A Rabbi, a Priest, and a Minister Walk Into a Bar

After Nanopore and Stem Cell, Major Breakthrough Reported on Cold Fusion

Big Data and Buzzword-driven Science

Philip Ball on How Scientists Stopped Being Curious

Severe Biodiversity Loss Expected by Year 2080

Titus Brown's Commentary on the Cost of Open Science

Google Censorship: Scariest Thing for Academic Freedom

Study on Return of US College Education is Less Alarming than Reality

Why Do Respected University Professors Teach on Coursera?

What Blogging on Bioinformatics Tells us about the World

Population Genetics Study on Khazar Origin of Jews is Back in Spotlight

What Will Scientific Publishing Be Like Ten Years from Now?

Why Blogging is Bad For Science

New Grad Student Bloggers, Blog Will Feature Your Posts

Epigenetics in Stem Cells - Is It a Significant Paradigm Shift in Biology?

Titus Brown's Advice to Young Graduate Students - Blog

China vs USA and Other Social Posts

Today's Highlights - "Is @DanGraur the Only Real Scientist Left on #DNA60?"

DNA discoverer Crick's Nobel, Letter Fetch Millions at Auction

Today's Highlights - "The Other Side of Academic Freedom"

Reinhart and Rogoff-Gate Reaction Shows Failure of 'Data Science'

BGI’s Youth Culture

Earth Day Special - Responding to Reader's Comment On Global Warming

Fred's Rant on Data Science Degrees

Scientists Show that Global Warming is Destroying Antarctica

VAT Tax on Sequencing - Biomickwatson Connects Only Half of the Dots

The Eroding Premium on Truth and Trust

Wiki and Tutorial Sections

New York Times Propaganda Article Discredits Open Access

In Large-scale Biology, Who Has Ownership of the Data?

Biological Publishing Landscape Changes with Arrival of PeerJ

Pulling HeLa from Public Domain Sets a Bad Scientific Precedent

Physics of Dominoes

Restored Comments

Dan Graur's Granddaughter Expressed Her Opinion on ENCODE Paper

Protests about HeLa Sequencing, Research Crowdsourcing and Other News of the

A Day to Remember

Ivar Giaever on Religion of Global Warming

Dark Side of

Did Josephson Lose His Mind or Was He Ahead of His Time?

International Appeal for the Protection of Academic Independence

Do You Feel Lucky Any More?

Please Save the Unsolicited R01s - Salzberg

Conference Budget - the Next Big Cut

Why Waste 3 Billion Dollars on Human Brain Activity Map Alchemy Project?

Is the Era of Short Reads and de Bruijn Assembly Over?

Are 'They' Scientists or Bad Technicians?

Biomickwatson's Ridiculous Criticism of ENCODE Critics

Ads in Disqus Commenting System

Was ENCODE's Claim of 80% of Human Genome Being Functional all Hype?

How We Successfully Fought Wordpress Spam Comments :)

Global Warming and Other Superstitions

Internet Posting Removal Act

Happy New Year

A day to Think, to Pause, to Ponder - Jonathan Eisen

"Researchers Opt to Limit Uses of Open-access Publications"

BGI - It is the Wild West of Genomics

Shaking Up Science?

Index to Entire Set of Fred's 'Rants'

'A Farewell to Bioinformatics'

Are We Incentivizing Hype in Science? A Case Study

Working to Increase Diversity of PLOS Biology Academic Editors and Advisory Board Members?

Why Do We Blog? (2013 Version)

Personal Genomics - the Ultimate Privacy Killer?

Leveraged Buyouts are Back !!

A Quick Update on What We are up to

Our Non-bioinformatics Commentaries are Going Away

Openness and Online Reputation Recognized in Grant Reviews!

Open Peer-review Model for Publishing Scientific Results

Happy New Year 2013 !!

Merry Christmas - Readers

When to Leave the 'Academia' (University Cartel)?

Happy Thanksgiving !!

Two Thoughtful Comments

Sanger Dropping Broad's GATK after License Change

Bioinformatics Gangnam Style

Food for Thought - Really

Thought-provoking Article on Systems Biology from Sydney Brenner

Humor at Professor Brown's Expense :)

Scafetta’s Solar-lunar Cycle Forecast -vs- Global Temperature

Do We Need to Reinterpret all Published Gene Expression Studies?

Thoughts on Blogging and Haldane’s Sieve(s) – part II

Thoughts on Blogging and Haldane's Sieve(s) - part I

Why Core Facility Model Adopted by US Universities is a Bad Model

Cars are Powerful, but Driving is Hard to Learn; Ride A Mule to Work Today

Tweet or Perish?

Our Response to "Best Practices for Scientific Computing" Paper

If You Need Break From Science, Here is US Presidential Debate -

Weekend Humor

BGI Model

Kind of Comments We Receive Every Day

A Real-life Example of Our Forecast for 21st Century

In Turf Battle for Computational Biology, CTB Fires a Shot

What Does BTW Stand for?

How World Solved its First BigData Problem

How Will Work for a Large Consortium Project?

ENCODE paper and Ewan Birney's Interview

CB on ENCODE Embargo

We See the Light - Source Code Should be Published

Thoughts on 'Anecdotal Science' by CTB

On 'Research Code' by Deepak Singh

Korean Theft of Creative Ideas from World's Greatest Thinker(s)

Cargo Cult Science

Rage Against the Impact Factor

Nextgen Humor

Olympic Training Camps are no Fun Continues Its Interview of ex-Olympian Blog Covers Olympiad

Bad News: Cheap Cure for Type 1 Diabetes Found

Question for Readers - Do You like Blog to Cover the Olympics?

Nature Journal Recognizes (or its own Wile E. Coyote Moment)

A Math Puzzle

Traits of a Good Scientist

NASA Changes Biology Textbooks - Again

On Global Warming

Improved the Search Routine in Our Website

Physicists are Looking for Large Hadron Collider's Replacement

More is Different !!

On Discovery of 'God Particle'

Few Quick Comments Regarding the Website

Animals Do not Eat their Own Offsprings

Back on Track, Malware Cleaned

What is Causing European Banking Crisis?

Full Cycle of Science in Protestant World

Is 1000 Genome Project an Example of Modern Day Alchemy?

Under the Surface

Does Citation-index Count in the Era of Google?

Happy New Year

....and Econ Lesson of the Day

The Report of our Death was an Exaggeration

Few Small Updates with the Website

HOTAIR - a cancer lincRNA

Wordpress Comment Section is Open

Away from this World

We are on Twitter

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