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Illumina Offers to Donate Pacbio Patents, But Will That Save Oxford Nanopore?

Woodford's WEIF Dead, Oxford Nanopore IPO Doubtful

All Against All Fight Breaks Out among the Sequencing Businesses

Uncertainty over Pacbio-Illumina Deal May Spill over to Oxford Nanopore

Illumina Buys Pacbio, What Are the Implications?

How does Multi-threaded Code Run in Assembly Language?

After Docker

The Lab That Invented Nanopore Sequencing

Illumina's 'Surprise' Announcement is not Surprising

Sequencing Technology Comparison Chart - 2016

Is "Huge" Business Downturn Coming in the Sequencing Industry?

Growing Human Brain on a Petri Dish

CRISPR-directed mitotic recombination enables genetic mapping without crosses

Illumina Sues Britain's 'Most Highly Valued Company' at US International Trade

Patents vs GPL, Who Wins? A Case Study

War of Standards - XML vs JSON

Major Security Hole Discovered in Popular Library glibc

The Most Important Part of Flatley's #AGBT16 Talk

Two Potentially Important Developments on Nanopore

Genomic Analysis with Spark - A Few Examples

Apache Spark

CRISPR Fight and the Corrosive Role of Bayh-Dole Act in Damaging Basic Science

The Heroes of CRISPR - Lander

Protip - Don't Shout at Your Computer

Bringing Arbitrary Compute to Authoritative Data

"Happy Halloween" - Says Illumina Stock

BGI Launched Its Desktop Sequencer BGISEQ-500 in China

Is Illumina at a Strategic Inflection Point?

Peak Sequencing? BGI Unveils 'Nation-scale' Sequencer

Advances in CRISPR-Cas9 genome engineering: lessons learned from RNA interference

A Mouse Geneticist’s Practical Guide to CRISPR Applications

Self-processing of ribozyme-flanked RNAs into guide RNAs in vitro and in vivo for CRISPR-mediated genome editing

A New and Efficient Method to Help Base-calling from Nanopore Electrical Signals

Arduino Punched Card Reader

Rothberg’s New Gadget (ii) - Is this the 'Secret Sauce'?

Generating genetically modified mice using CRISPR/Cas-mediated genome engineering

CRISPR/cas9 Success Stories in Plasmodium

FPGA-accelerated Bioinformatics at #ASHG - Dragen Aligner from Edico Genome

Latest Hardware Trends - ARM Servers and FPGA-integrated Intel Xeon Chip

Hijacking Other Websites Using CVE-2014-0160 - Code and Demo

Three Amazing Applications of CRISPR/cas9

Targeted Genome Editing in Drosophila and Zebrafish using CRISPR/cas9

Molecular Mechanisms of CRISPR‑mediated Microbial Immunity - Review Paper

Saving Bacteria from Diseases and the Cas9-CRISPR Revolution

A New Nanoscale Sequencing Company Comes into Fray and Releases Data !!

Why are 'Cool Kids' at Github Moving to GO Language?

Changing Dynamics of the Sequencing World

Gnubio - Mixture of Hardware and Cool Informatics?

End of Short-Read Era? – (Part II)

End of Short-Read Era? - (Part I)

Personalized Genomics from Pacbio, if You Want to be Reborn as Bacteria

Altera, Micron Demo Hybrid Memory Cube Interoperability

Oxford Nanopore Announcement 'Again'

Exo-Klenow Fragment for A-tailing and T-tailing

Laser Show Plans to Send Jonathan Rothberg's Genome to Space Aliens

Memory Bandwidth and Recursive Variable Expansion - PhD Thesis of Zubair Nawaz

Molecular Dynamics on FPGA at Boston University (Martin Herbordt)

Large-scale Mouse Deletion Study Published

Three Hacks to Get More Data from Your Illumina Sequencer

What is Faster - CPU, GPU or FPGA? Our Investigation of Leading Alignment Algorithms

What is Faster - CPU, GPU or FPGA? Our Investigation of Leading Alignment Algorithms

Ion Torrent, Diffraction Limit and SOLiD Technology

Comparison of Sequencing Instruments (Wish they Included PacBio)

Designing a Traffic Signal Light - II

Academic Bioinformaticians Uncomfortable with Illumina's Publication of Variant

Nanopore Sequencing by Divine Intervention?

The Future of Computers - Multicore and the Memory Wall

Why Are Sequencing Costs Falling in Italy and Europe?

High Speed PCIe Communications Package Between Host Computer and FPGA

NabSys Unveiled (Omics! Omics! Blog)

Illumina Creates Phony Concerns to Derail BGI Acquisition of US Company

Do Illumina and Pacific Bio Fit Together?

Notes from Supercomputing Conference (SC12)

Bringing New Computing Hardware Architecture to 'Life'

Very Funny - Hitler on IonTorrent Proton

Jay Shendure's Presentation at Seattle Sequencing Meetup

#ngsban - How to Implement

Energy - the Hidden Cost of NGS Analysis

Obituary of Nimblegen

Sequencing War and NextEra Kit

A Great Review of Various Sequencing Instruments/Technologies

An Elegant Use of NG Sequencing - Finding T-cell Diversity

HDF5 Data Format for PacBio Sequences

In our Trends Section

In our Trends Section - II

Digital and Analog Transcriptomics

Which Next-gen Technologies are Popular?

NOSQL Databases for Bioinformatics

Humor - Announcement of a New Sequencing Technology

Animations for Sequencing Technologies from the Web

FPGA-based Hardware Accelerators for NGS Analysis

Hadoop at JGI (NERSC)?

Illumina Paired End Libraries - Inward and Outwardly Directed Reads

Hadoop Example - FAQ

Large Computer, Distributed Cluster or Amazon Cloud?

The Mathematics of Color Space Sequencing