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Finding SNPs from Long Noisy Reads

A New Nemesis for Nanopore

Roche Dumps Pacbio

Business analysis - Oxford Nanopore

Ongoing Pacbio bioinformatics meeting (#SMRTBFX)

Single-Molecule Protein Identification by Sub-Nanopore Sensors

Sequencing That Stimulates The Sensors (Fascinating Ted Talk by David Eccles)

Accurate selfcorrection of errors in long reads using de Bruijn graphs

Nanopore - Two New Basecallers Released

Minimap and Miniasm Paper is out

Our #AGBT16 Forecast - Oxford Nanopore Will Go Out of Business by 2017

Live Streaming of Pacbio Session at #AGBT16

Pacbio Assembly - Miniasm Works Best (Chaisson)

Minimap and miniasm: fast mapping and de novo assembly for noisy long sequences

Chimeric Pacbio Reads and Tardigrade Controversy

Cost of Human-sized Genome Sequencing with PacBio Sequel

Please Try New and Polished HaploMerger2 for Assembly of Heterozygous Genomes

New Blog Post from Gene Myers on "Intrinsic Quality Values" of Pacbio Sequences

JGI Researchers on The Economics of New PacBio Instrument

New Paper from Nanopore (ONT) Consortium Submitted in F1000

Oxford Nanopore Keeps Falling Behind

Who Wins - Long Noisy Reads or Short Clean Reads ?

PacBio Mini?

Pacbio Bioinformatics Workshop - Slides from All Presentations

Slides from Gene Myers

Gene Myers at the Pacbio Bioinformatics Workshop - Follow #SMRTBFX in Twitter

Oxford Nanopore Blows Up Lab, Raises $150M

Oxford Nanopore Fans are Asking Three Questions Today

GraphMap for Fast and Sensitive Mapping of Long Noisy Reads

Understanding the Algorithm behind Pbdagcon and POA for Multiple Sequence Alignment

POA and Nanopolish

Nanopore Assembly Improves with HMM Polishing of Signal Level Data

Pacbio Talks at #AGBT - What to Expect

Highlights of Gene Myers' Talk at #AGBT15

E. coli Genome Assembled using Nanopore Data Only

A Sequel to Heng Li’s Mysterious New Program

The Most Interesting Genome in the World

Scrm: efficiently simulating long sequences using the approximated coalescent with recombination

LoRDEC: Accurate and Efficient Long Read Error Correction

Oxford Nanopore Sequences are Very Noisy - Michael Schatz

Taiwanese Nanotech Paper Heading for Retraction, Professor/Student Punished

New Nanopore Paper by Phil Ashton

If You are Using Gene Myers' Daligner

Quick Update on Pacbio and DALIGNER - Jared Simpson's GFA Module

Nanopore Updates from David Eccles

Very Efficient Hybrid Assembler for PacBio Data

Nanopore - Truth and Nothing but the Truth

E. coli Nanopore Data Release and #baltiandbioinformatics Nanopore Conference

Long Term Direction of Nanopore Sequencing - Three Ways from Here

Nick Loman and Clive Brown's Nanopore Presentation - Live Feed

Open Science Fail - Oxford Nanopore Kicks Out Alex Mikheyev from its MAP Program

New Paper and Raw Data: "A first look at the Oxford Nanopore MinION Sequencer"

Nick Loman Presents Nanopore Data, #NotsoNickLoman Mocks Him

After HGAP And SPAdes Comes New PacBio Assembler - MHAP

Error-correction of Noisy Short Read Library using Clean Short-read Library

In DALIGN Paper, Gene Myers Delivers a Major Blow to His Biggest Competitor

SSPACE, the Popular Free-standing Scaffolder, Goes Pacbio

'For Your Pacbios Only' - Gene Myers' June 1 Dazzler Update

Another PacBio Development - Adam Phillippy's New MHAP Module

Nanopore Better Than PacBio or Worse? That is the Question

Fast construction of FM-index for long sequence reads

BWA-MEM vs BLASR for PacBio - Need Help with Benchmarking

PacBio P4-C2, P5-C3, etc. - What Do They Mean?

Pacbio - Jason Chin's AGBT Presentation on Diploid Assembly

An Update on Our Nanopore Petition for Lex Nederbragt's Group

Oxford Nanopore Slides Say 50KB Read Length Easily Obtained

A Petition to Request Early Access to Minion Nanopore for Lex Nederbragt's

Nanopore Talk by David Jaffe - Various Links

Dazzler Assembler for PacBio Reads - Gene Myers

Hybrid Assembly - (ii): The Error Models of PacBio Reads

De Novo Hybrid Assembly of PacBio and Illumina Reads - (i)

PacBio - Human Genome Assembly, Cod Slides and a Number of Useful Data Sets

(Satire) Nanopore Sequencing Crosses Two Major Hurdles

Collaborative Effort to Learn About Oxford Nanopore's Data Ends with Chase

PacBio Posts Slides from User Group Meeting

Pacbio Assembly and Phasing

PacBio Data on Drosophila Release from Bergman Lab

Kalman Filter - a Way to Reconstruct Signal from Noisy Data (as in Nanopore)

Is BWA-MEM as Good as BLASR for Aligning PacBio Reads? – Part 2

Everything You Want to Know about Oxford Nanopore

Some Oxford Nanopore Raw Data

Is BWA-MEM as Good as BLASR for Aligning PacBio Reads? - Part 1

PacBio Achieves 500Mb/SMRT Cell Throughput in Newly Released Human Data

Trials and Tribulations with PacBio Data

A Snapshot of How PacBio Reads Look Like

Pacbio: Why We Stopped Using PacBioToCA and Lived Happily Thereafter

PacBio Experiences at Norwegian Sequencing Center

PacBio: Debunking the Error Myth

"PacBio Instruments - Are They Still Around?"

Counting Animals

Notes on PacBio-based Assembly of Plasmodium 3D7

PacBioToCA for Error-correcting Pacbio Reads

LSC, an Alternative to PacBioToCA for Error-correction of PacBio Reads

HGAp - Very Accurate de novo Genome Assembly from PacBio Data

A Simulator for Pacbio Reads

PACB: This Does not Look Right

Excellent Slides from Fisherman Lex on Combining PacBio and Short Reads

Basic Local Alignment with Successive Refinement (BLASR) for PacBio

Solving the Other PacBio Puzzle (non-bioinformatics)

An Update on Using Pacific Bio Sequences for Genome Assembly

The Genome Assembly Process and How Pac Bio can Help

Pacific Bio Sequences

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