biopython v1.71.0 Bio.GA.Selection.Abstract.AbstractSelection

Base class for Selector classes.

This classes provides useful functions for different selector classes and also defines the functions that all selector classes must implement.

This class should not be used directly, but rather should be subclassed.

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Initialize a selector

Perform mutation and crossover on the two organisms

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Initialize a selector.


  • mutator - A Mutation object which will perform mutation on an individual.
  • crossover - A Crossover object which will take two individuals and produce two new individuals which may have had crossover occur.
  • repairer - A class which can do repair on rearranged genomes to eliminate infeasible individuals. If set at None, so repair will be done.
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Perform mutation and crossover on the two organisms.

This uses the classes mutator and crossover functions to perform the manipulations.

If a repair class is available, then the rearranged genomes will be repaired to make them feasible.

The newly created individuals are returned.