biopython v1.71.0 Bio.KEGG.KGML.KGML_parser.KGMLParser

Parses a KGML XML Pathway entry into a Pathway object.

Example: Read and parse large metabolism file

 >>> from Bio.KEGG.KGML.KGML_parser import read
 >>> pathway = read(open('KEGG/ko01100.xml', 'r'))
 >>> print(len(pathway.entries))
 >>> print(len(pathway.reactions))
 >>> print(len(pathway.maps))

 >>> pathway = read(open('KEGG/ko00010.xml', 'r'))
 >>> print(pathway) 
 Pathway: Glycolysis / Gluconeogenesis
 KEGG ID: path:ko00010
 Image file:
 Organism: ko
 Entries: 99
 Entry types:
     ortholog: 61
     compound: 31
     map: 7

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Initialize the class

Parse the input elements

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Initialize the class.

Parse the input elements.