biopython v1.71.0 Bio.PopGen.GenePop.LargeFileParser.Record

Holds information from a GenePop record.

Members: marker_len The marker length (2 or 3 digit code per allele).

comment_line Comment line.

loci_list List of loci names.

data_generator Iterates over population data.

The generator will only work once. If you want to read a handle twice you have to re-open it!

data_generator can either be () - an empty tuple - marking a new population or an individual. An individual is something like (‘Ind1’, [(1,1), (3,None), (200,201)], In the case above the individual is called Ind1, has three diploid loci. For the second loci, one of the alleles is unknown.

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Initialize the class

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Initialize the class.