biopython v1.71.0 Bio.SCOP.Des.Record

Holds information for one node in the SCOP hierarchy.


  • sunid - SCOP unique identifiers
  • nodetype - One of ‘cl’ (class), ‘cf’ (fold), ‘sf’ (superfamily), ‘fa’ (family), ‘dm’ (protein), ‘sp’ (species), ‘px’ (domain). Additional node types may be added.
  • sccs - SCOP concise classification strings. e.g. b.1.2.1
  • name - The SCOP ID (sid) for domains (e.g. d1anu1), currently empty for other node types
  • description - e.g. “All beta proteins”,”Fibronectin type III”,

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Initialize the class

Parses DES records

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Initialize the class.

Parses DES records.

Records consist of 5 tab deliminated fields, sunid, node type, sccs, node name, node description.