biopython v1.71.0 Bio.Graphics.BasicChromosome.Organism

Top level class for drawing chromosomes.

This class holds information about an organism and all of it’s chromosomes, and provides the top level object which could be used for drawing a chromosome representation of an organism.

Chromosomes should be added and removed from the Organism via the add and remove functions.

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Draw a legend for the figure

Write out the title of the organism figure

Draw out the information for the Organism

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Draw a legend for the figure.

Subclasses should implement this (see also self._legend_height) to provide specialized legends.

Write out the title of the organism figure.

Draw out the information for the Organism.


  • output_file β€” The name of a file specifying where the document should be saved, or a handle to be written to. The output format is set when creating the Organism object. Alternatively, output_file=None will return the drawing using the low-level ReportLab objects (for further processing, such as adding additional graphics, before writing).
  • title β€” The output title of the produced document.