biopython v1.71.0 Bio.SeqIO.PirIO.PirWriter

Class to write PIR format files.

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Create a PIR writer

Write a single PIR record to the file

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Create a PIR writer.


  • handle - Handle to an output file, e.g. as returned by open(filename, “w”)
  • wrap - Optional line length used to wrap sequence lines. Defaults to wrapping the sequence at 60 characters Use zero (or None) for no wrapping, giving a single long line for the sequence.
  • record2title - Optional function to return the text to be used for the title line of each record. By default a combination of the, and record.description is used.
  • code - Optional sequence code must be one of P1, F1, D1, DL, DC, RL, RC, N3 and XX. By default None is used, which means auto detection based on record alphabet.

You can either use::

handle = open(filename, "w")
writer = PirWriter(handle)

Or, follow the sequential file writer system, for example::

handle = open(filename, "w")
writer = PirWriter(handle)
Multiple writer.write_record() and/or writer.write_records() calls

Write a single PIR record to the file.